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On average, nonprofit organizations raise 31% of their yearly total donated in the month of December alone. It’s called Giving Season for a reason.

We can help you maximize this years Giving Season, increasing your donor engagement, and helping you raise more than you have in previous years. Scroll down to learn more.


Learn how a campaign film can increase your fundraising by 70% this year.

Learn how Reframe can work with your nonprofit organization to create a strategy to maximize your fundraising efforts this year: engaging donors new and existing, activating your audience, and increasing total amounts raised. It’s all much simpler, and more affordable than you think.

  • 30% of giving to nonprofit organizations happens during the month of December.

  • Content plays a crucial role in engaging audiences of both potential and existing donors.

  • Utilizing a campaign film can help nonprofits raise 70% more than the previous year.

  • Nonprofit fundraising campaigns that utilize a content strategy see increases in individual giving amounts, number of donors, and total amounts raised.

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